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My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. For a full list of my designs, go to Duke of Nikko Ravelry Page or LoveCrafts Designer Page as well as Payhip Store.

Published Works

Radicle Threads – Issue 3 (Occult) – Fall 2022

My Kuro Sumi Scarf was featured in the Occult-themed issue. The double-knit scarf represents ying and yang of the universe using inspirations from Japanese kanji characters of Black ( 黒 – Kuro) and Ink (墨 – Sumi). One half of the scarf (Kuro) illustrates a typical kaidan (Japanese ghost story) scene: a moon, black crows, and a willow tree, while the other half (Sumi) illustrates abstract elements of the cosmic world.

You can get a digital copy of the magazine, or check with a local stockist in your area.

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts – Lascaux DK Fall/Winter 2021 Pattern Collection

Matsu Hat

Ancient Arts Yarns reached out to me and asked me to design for their new yarn base Lascaux DK. I took inspirations from nature again, and designed Matsu Hat.

This stranded knit hat pattern incorporates a Japanese kanji character “Matsu (松/Pine)! Pine trees are adored in Japan, and are the traditional subject of many beautiful artworks. The motifs representing this iconic tree flow around the hat, presenting images showing different shapes and aspects of pine trees.

Both the collection and the individual pattern are available as a PDF download.

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts – Lascaux Fine 2021 Collection

Kaze Hat

Ancient Arts Yarns is a Canadian dyer specializing in high quality artisanal yarns. Their Lascaux Fine line is a 2-ply fingering weight yarn with Manx Loaghtan wool and Punta Arenas wool.

My “Kaze Hat” is included in their 2021 Collection. The stranded-knit hat incorporates a Japanese kanji character “Kaze (風, Wind).” The motifs continue around the hat just like the beautiful multi-panel screens of Byobu, presenting a series of images related to different aspects of winds. Both the collection and the individual pattern are available as a PDF download.

Nomadic Knits – Issue Eight: Washington (2020)

Midori Hat

Nomadic Knits is a quarterly publication featuring specific states of the U.S. in each issue. Issue Eight features Washington State.

My “Midori Hat” was inspired by the Evergreen State. The stranded-knit pattern uses a Japanese kanji character Midori (緑), meaning Green, as the main motif. I also wrote an essay for this issue talking about my cultural heritage as a Japanese American. The issue is available in print and for PDF download.

The individual pattern is also available on Ravelry, Payhip and LoveCrafts.

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