Have you heard of Amigurumi (編みぐるみ)? The phrase consists of two words – Ami (編み) means Knit / Crochet, and Gurumi (ぐるみ) means Stuffed. It is knitted/crocheted stuffed objects (like animals, dolls, food, etc.). Amigurumi has become a widely known art form of knitting/crocheting.

How about Emoji (絵文字)? E (絵) means Picture, and Moji (文字) means Characters as in language. Emoji is a visual representation of expressions or objects, commonly used in social media.

Amimoji (編み文字) is the term I’m using for knitted (Ami) characters (Moji). The inspiration came from cool tattoos of characters and calligraphy (although I don’t have tattoos on myself). How cool is it to do that in knitting? Very cool, I’d say!


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