My Fiber Story (1)

December, 2010 – the Beginning

It was one cold winter day in Detroit, Michigan. Having lived here for 8+ years, I was having another Love/Hate moments with Michigan winter. It’s pretty when it snows, but the pretty snow turns dirty and icy on the edge of a motor way, and it never goes away until the spring comes. The Michigan winter sky is always overcast with clouds, gloomy and gray. I had to do something about my seasonal depression.

I enrolled in the “Learn to Knit Scarf” class at City Knits, a local yarn store owned by Karen Kendrick-Hands, who later moved to Madison, Wisconsin to found Center for Knit & Crochet. I owe so much to my knitting instructor, Desi, who provided a safe and warm environment for me to learn the basic knitting techniques. After countless dropped stitches, holes and accidental increases, I completed my first scarf and learned how to do stockinette, reverse-stockinette, garter and rib stitches.

That was just the beginning…

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