My Fiber Story (4)

2017 – 2019 Becoming a Lifestyle Knitter

As the stash of my yarn grew bigger and bigger, knitting became a significant part of my lifestyle. In early 2018, I took a class taught by Josh Bennett at Vogue Knitting Live New York. During the class I learned that Josh was co-hosting a weekly knitting event called Knit@Nite at Club Cumming, a gay bar in New York.

Knit@Nite at Club Cumming truly changed my life. Josh and his co-host Brini Maxwell often bring in guests from all disciplines of knitting – designers, book authors / publishers, dyers, yarn store owners, podcasters and influencers, etc. I got a chance to meet so many passionate knitting enthusiasts – Kristy Glass, Louis Boria aka Brooklyn Boy Knits, Stephanie Jones from Asylum Fibers, Felicia Eve from String Thing Studio, Kay Gardiner of MasonDixon Knitting, to name a few. Hearing them talk about their walks of life was very inspiring, to say the least.

I also had the pleasure of getting to know fellow knitters who frequented Knit@Nite and other knit nights hosted by Local Yarn Stores like Knitty City and String Thing Studio. Some of the male knitters have received special media attention from New York Times, the Reuters, and different magazines and blogs. Their knowledge and curiosity kept fueling my enthusiasm for knitting.

Using the newly acquired knowledge, I started paying more attention to yarn types, manufacturers / dyers, designers and techniques. And I became more and more interested in designing my own knitted objects.

An aspiring designer was born…

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