Memphis Delta Fair Crafts Contest

I submitted several knits to Delta Fair & Music Festival in September, 2021 and received some blue and red ribbons. It was great to get some recognition locally. Next year, I will go for Best of Show!

Category: Knitting – Household Item
Second Award: Amimoji Coaster Series designed by me
Category: Knitting – Mittens or Gloves
Second Award: Fire Oven Mitts (Unreleased) designed by me
Category: Knitting – Adult sweater patterned
First Award: Tolkien from Rowan 66 by Martin Storey
Category: Knitting – Cap or Hat
First Award: Kaze Hat from Lascaux Fine Collection designed by me.
Category: Knitting – Scarf
First Award: Nature Scarf designed by me
Category: Any item not listed
First Award: Pea Coat by Shirley Paden

Category: Purse or Bag
First Award: Double-knit bag inspired by Shirley’s Pea Coat Design (Unreleased) designed by me


  1. Hi,
    Really like your work and designs. Your shares/stories are authentic, important and provides a platform for others to relate to.
    The design below, yellow circle, blue box and green interior – can you tell about its meaning? And do you make that in a beanie cap? All my Best,
    Keep up the great work!

    Denver Dakota

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, I’m sorry for my late reply! I was going to write a blog post about my logo, then I forgot… Anyway, the blue and green characters in the yellow circle are 日光 (Nikko), and it means sunshine!


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