Japanese Gara (Motif)

Gara (柄) in Japanese roughly translates as design patterns as in decorative motifs. There are many designs that are considered “Japanese,” although many of them were brought to Japan from China or Middle East by way of Silk Road.

I usually introduce myself as an “Amimoji Knitwear Designer,” but I am also very much interested in various symbols and symbolism (check out my Ravelry patterns “Stonewall Hat,” “Double Happiness Scarf” and “Smitten with Aphrodite,” all of which are full of symbolism).

Here are some notable Japanese gara‘s that I have incorporated into my designs.

Featured in my Shawl designs

Sayagata (紗綾形)
Seigaiha (青海波)

Featured in Kimonogara Scarf & Mitts

Featured in my other scarf designs

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