Kaleidoscope Fashion Show – Part 1

I was one of the 8 featured designers at this special fashion show during Vogue Knitting Live (VKL) 2023 in New York City!

I designed two garments for the show. One is called Kajitsu Kimono Robe.

Kajitsu (果実) means Fruits in Japanese, and I wanted to convey juicy and fruity taste in my design by adding images of cut fruits in the shape of the Japanese Mon (紋) crest design.

The Mon is a logo design for each household, business, organization, etc, and is usually a square, circle or hexagon shape. Many of the Mon designs use nature as a motif – flowers, trees, animals, etc. My house crest uses fruits of a tea plant (茶の実) in the design.

The underarm panels are double-knit reversible motifs of the Japanese and English characters (果実 and FRUITS).

I chose to use Universal Yarn’s Bamboo Pop cotton/bamboo blend. I wanted to convey a light, fun and summery feel using this light-weight yarn. The vibrant fuchsia and lime colors were perfect for it. I alternate main and contrasting colors left/right and front/back for extra fun!

You can see the entire clip of the runway show from the link on On the Media page.

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